Our chicks have hatched!



Earlham is a very happy, caring and supportive school that achieves excellent results. We have high expectations for our pupils; we believe that education is about more than tests, and offer the children a wide range of learning opportunities both in class and beyond to enrich their time at school.

We believe that your children deserve the very best education, so that they fulfil their potential and become confident and enthusiastic learners who are well equipped to succeed at secondary school and beyond.

Earlham is a genuine learning community; all staff are continually focused on how to improve teaching and learning even further. It is this commitment that has led to our significant increases in standards in recent years.

I hope this website gives you a flavour of life at Earlham. You are very welcome to visit us to find out more.

Laura Hewer

Note to Parents:
Earlham Primary School is buying extra speech and language therapy time from East London NHS Foundation Trust to help some of the children in school. The speech and language therapist may therefore be going into your child’s class, observing and carrying out whole-class or small group interventions, which your child may be invited to. If you do not give permission for the speech and language therapist to work with your child in this way then please speak to Mrs Harney, the Inclusion Leader.