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Government advice on free school meals

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Advice on going outdoors

Here is some advice about going outdoors and getting some fresh air and exercise

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Top tips for home learning

So many of you are doing an amazing job of supporting your children's learning at home, we are so impressed, and so grateful that you value their learning as much as we do. We can't thank you enough for all that you do. We also know from speaking with you and from your emails, and from our experience as teachers, that it isn't always easy! Here are our top tips for home learning. 

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Sending in your child's work

Here are some videos showing how to send attachments 

Attach files in Hotmail on a PC

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Attach files in Gmail on a PC

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Attach files on Yahoo mail on a PC

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Attach files using iOS Mail app

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Attach files on iOS using Gmail app

Attach files on iOS using GMail app.mp4

Attach files in Gmail on Android

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Mindfulness and relaxation - our school therapist suggests...

Our school therapist Emma has created a series to calm your mind and body leaving you feeling relaxed and more able to manage difficult feelings during stressful days, and helping you drift into a peaceful sleep at bedtimes. She has also created some videos to support families to deal with grief and loss. All of Emma's videos can be found here

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Support for families in Newham

This is a list of organisations that are working to support families in Newham

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