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On 1st October 2017 we formally became a member of the Eko Multi-Academy Trust. Eko means learning in Yoruba, and the journey to enlightenment in Buddhism.



Equity, Vitality, Optimism, Courage, Integrity


We are:

  • open to learn from each other
  • thoughtful and inspiring
  • understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, background and motivations
  • trustworthy and loyal to the team
  • respectful when challenging
  • resilient when challenged
  • clear and honest and have the courage to disagree.

We do:

  • have the highest professional standards and celebrate our achievements
  • look after ourselves and each others well being
  • accept there will be challenges and give each other space and time
  • listen & respect each other
  • support opinions with facts and evidence
  • express gratitude
  • talk with clarity and honesty and have the courage to disagree
  • deliver in an accurate, timely and cost effective way.

Eko Trust Website

Information on Eko Trust trustees and members can be found here

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