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Year 6 Easter holiday activities

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An Easter message from your teachers, who hope you have a lovely holiday and please take care.

Ms Omar and Ms Ryan

Introducing the Vikings!

Your holiday activities relate to the Vikings - but who were they?

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Try some of these Viking recipes

Viking porridge

Experience making and eating breakfast in a Viking household

Viking baked apples

And for dessert you can bake apples

Try out these flatbreads

Viking flatbread

You could enter your flatbreads in the Great Earlham Bake Off - maybe!?

Music Challenge

Can you create your flatbread in the shape of a Viking musical instrument?

Try these Viking science challenges!

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Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 15.15.27

Try your hand at Viking training school!

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 15.18.37

Watch a Viking song, from the fab Horrible Histories crew - do you think it is historically accurate?!

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Make a Viking word search

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Be a Star Baker

Kids baking(7)

Get Active

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Click the pictures to link to these pages

Write an Earlham song or rap

kids rapping(3)

Do one of our 100 fun things

Fun things to do(7)

Our Easter fun

Here's what we've been busy doing in our holiday so far...

Dylan sent an Easter card

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Saima has an Easter message for her friends

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